WordPress is one of the most popular and most used CMS for making a website nowadays. It reaches this stage because of many reasons like simple interface, ease of use. But, there is one other factor which makes it quite popular and that is, WordPress is easy to install/setup. WordPress gives you many ways to install it or set it up as per your need. Now you can either install WordPress using cPanel or you can use this guide of How to install WordPress manually.

How to install WordPress manually

Although, I personally think that setting up WordPress manually is way better and quite easy as well. Since there are many ways to upload WordPress, you can choose the way you like to follow and make your WordPress website. Let’s get down with this simple tutorial which will guide you through all the steps and you’ll have your website ready in no time.

How to install WordPress manually

Setup database and upload WordPress files

  • First, visit WordPress.org and download latest available version of WordPress.
  • Then you need to log in to your cPanel and click on MySql Databases. Here you’ll make a new database for your WordPress website.
    How to make database using cPanel
  • Now create a name for your database for your website and also assign a user to this database. Do remember that this user should have all the privileges regarding this database.
    How to make database name using cPanel
  • Now you need to upload WordPress to your hosting using any of the three methods available below.
    1) Upload WordPress using FTP
    2) Upload WordPress using cPanel File Manager
    3) Upload WordPress using SSH

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Setup WordPress Blog

Once you have uploaded WordPress files in your hosting using any of the methods, you need to setup WordPress now. Visit your website (open your website in the browser). There you’ll have to fill all the details about WordPress and your website.

  • Now select the language in which you want your website to be and then press continue.
    How to select WordPress language
  • Now fill the database name which you created before, then the username and password the of the user which you assigned to this database. Next, you need to provide the host, you can leave it as localhost or you can get it from your host provider. You can either change table (table will be created in the database with this prefix) prefix to your liking or leave it as it is.
    How to setup WordPress database details
  • Now fill name of the website, the database name which you created in the steps above. You need to provide your own name and a strong password for making the first user account. You can also use password generator but I would recommend creating your own password as you can remember that.
    How to install WordPress manually
  • Then fill the email for the account and the website. Remember that this email will be the primary email of your website but you can always change that later on. This brings the last setup of our tutorial how to install wordpress manually.
  • Finally, click on setup and it’ll prepare your WordPress website for you. You’ll also receive a confirmation message in the email you provided as well.

Congratulations, now your WordPress website is ready and the installation process is complete. Now you can start to post your blogs on this website or use this website as per your need.

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WordPress is surely one of the most used platforms and it getting better with every passing day. But you have to be ready to understand all about it if you want to run a website using it. It’s made like a platform which can be extended using pluigns, themes, hooks and loops. But own it’s own it doesn’t provide much of functionality for any website to be successful.  Now you have successfully installed WordPress, so you can start with setting your WordPress blog properly. If you felt any problem in this guide of how to install WordPress manually then you can tell me in the comments below. Even if the guide helped you, then also comment and let me know.


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